Your Reliable Partner in Medical Technology, Where Health Care Meets Innovation.

Our values

At MedischPedicureNijmegen we are guided by values that define our mission and guide our work. These are not just words - they are the basis of our philosophy

Patient Care

The patient always comes first. We strive to provide an outstanding level of care, giving patients confidence in their health


Highest quality standard. We maintain professional conduct and strive for the highest standards in everything we do.


Progressive ideas shape the future. We actively integrate innovative technologies to provide advanced medical solutions.

Our Team

At MedischPedicureNijmegen we are proud of a team of outstanding professionals united by the common goal of providing clients with access to cutting-edge medical technologies. Here are a few of our key team members

Dr. Emily Brun

Chief Medical Director

An expert in medical technology, Dr. Brun is an inspiring leader focused on innovation and high standards.

Laurence Dupre

Chief Engineer

Lawrence leads our engineering team to develop and implement cutting-edge technologies into medical practice.

Anna Bertrand

Medical Services Manager

Anna manages medical services, ensuring that every patient receives high-quality care.


MedischPedicureNijmegen is your guide to the world of innovative medical technologies. Take a look at the reviews from our customers who rate the quality of our products and services


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